Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Macy's (M) and On The Roof Of the World Trade Center

The big focus at Macy's is today 4th of July sales and the famed Macy's fireworks display. Perhaps investors will be left wondering, with a slight resumption of LBO activity if Macy's will be taken out.

In 1988 I was a traffic reporter on 1010 WINS in New York (to this day the "most listened to station in the nation" where the cume is about 8 mln listeners per week). Being involved in traffic, many of my colleagues had built relationships with various policing agencies and received some nice courtesies. One friend asked me if I wanted to take a group of friends up to the top of the south tower of the World Trade Center to see the Macy's 4th of July fireworks. I jumped at the chance.

We arrived at WTC and told the desk we were invited to the top to see the fireworks. Security escorted us to the elevator and we were whisked up to about 104th floor (I don't remember the exact floor). From there we received a Port Authority Police escort up a group of stairs to the roof of WTC2. It was a beautiful summer evening without a cloud in the sky where we enjoyed a specutacular sunset. Then, we not only got to see the Macy's display, which in a strange sort of way looked a bit small because we were so high up, but were also able to witness most every other fireworks display around the tri state area from our vantage point. We realized that we had enjoyed a once in a lifetime opportunity since it wasn't every day that you would gain access to roof of the World Trade Center, and of course the memory has become more cherished since 9/11.

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