Monday, May 7, 2007

The Midday Call Options Sceener

The options scanner has picked up on a few things that you would expect it to, like the very heavy Alcoa (AA) speculation. Now that AA is making a bid for Alcan (AL), most folks are wondering if someone like a BHP will make a run for either AA, or AL. It's going to be interesting in that space.

Wendy's (WEN) is popping up as it assess strategic alternatives, but not so excited by the WEN calls with lots of call sell volume today.

Not on this screen are vague rumors that the final price for Applebees (APPB) could be $39. I just can't believe that one.

IDMI spread players are busy today ahead of an FDA decision on one of its cancer meds on Wednesday.

Motorola (MOT) options are active has the battle heats up between the company and Carl Ichan.

Some folks are so bullish on CSCO, they're buying up the 32.5 June strike.

No comment on that PAY options activity. I don't know the company and thus far it's a fairly isolated, though large trade.

As usual, pls read my disclaimer at the bottom of the blog. The Screener info is for informational purpose and not a suggestion to buy, sell, hold, eat, drink, etc.

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