Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Washington Times: Bloomberg Ready to Spend $1 BILLION on White House Run

No surprise to me to see this article on Bloomberg's intentions (click here). This is the ultimate money and politics story. I was hired by Mike in 1992 as one of the original anchors on Bloomberg Radio and Television and worked next him, two desks away in his open pod seating arrangement for several years. Mike is a driven guy, plain and simple. City Hall certainly can't be his last political stop.

Oh, and one minor point of correction to the Washington Times: Mike is likely worth closer to $12 bln to $16 bln given that Reuters was just sold for $17 bln. Mike owns 80% of Bloomberg LP, really his personal ATM to fund a presidential race. $1 bln could be just for starters.

In '52 it was "I Like Ike", will it be, "I Like Mike" in '08?

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