Thursday, December 22, 2011

$$ OT: Cultural Commentary about the Holidays

and a word to my son's elementary school in southeastern, NY and all schools like it (which is most schools in NYS). Thanks for completely denuding yourselves of the holidays. Yes, the pusillanimous Christmas/holiday haters have won hands down. At my 2nd grade son's school, I did not see one holiday symbol, not Santa, not even a Menorah, not even something about Kwanza -- nothing. Not that I was expecting a Nativity scene with a baby Jesus and the story explained, but it is as if the Grinch came in and vacuumed away the holidays and left just a grey and dull school entrance.
Back in the early 70's I remember the little Christmas tree in the cafeteria and how one of the students accidentally knocked it over and quietly walked off amid the confusion (lol). I remember my second grade teacher Mrs. Resnick playing us Hannukkah music and teaching us about the tradition's she celebrated. And you know what? I survived! We all survived! So i ignore the arguments that school is not the place for holiday traditions. Not so long ago it was and we were all the better for it. It was part of learning about our CULTURE and its roots. School has become a place run by heartless and pc administrators. To those in contral and allow this to happen, you all &**&! Merry Christmas!

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