Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Futures Traders, the Joke is On You!

Remember from a year ago? $CME head Duffy said that the CME is the guarantor of trades on its exchanges. Go ask a customer of $MF Glocal how that worked out. LOL, but really not a lol. Some serious, outright theft has happened related to MF and I can't and won't let this go until the money of thousands of customers is returned in some form.

This is about more than just the losses that an individual customer can suffer speculating in these markets. This is about the realization from the commodities reform of 2000 that Derivatives traders like JP Morgan have SENIOR status over everyone (buried, of course, in the fine print). Individual customers be damned, the derivatives players MUST remain whole.

When Johnny "the Don" Corzine was loosing big money, $JPM. as the lender to MF, had advanced warning that the MF house of cards was a about to fall, and with just a few key strokes hundreds of thousands of segregated MF accounts were frozen and then emptied -- cyber space can be handy with this sort of thing. As trends forecaster and burned Lind Waldock account holder, Gerald Celente has stated, "the gang is in control".

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You can hear the lie below from the CME group head at 2 minutes and 22 seconds into the video.

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