Tuesday, December 13, 2011

12/13/11 The Fed; MF Global; Gold; HR 1540; Cooking Up Stuff at Wal Mart and more...

12/13/11 Market comment
Today is Fed Tuesday. Since It's Christmas time (channeling Band Aid from 1984), I am not expecting much to be announced at 2:15ish ET. Could Bernanke pull one out of the hat and announce further easing (as in gotta keep BofA above 5)? Who knows what schemes lurk in the heart of the Bernank. Also for you know whats and giggles: The Fed doesn't have to announce a thing. Their dollar swaps and digi dollars are always on standby. They are after all (in their eyes), the masters... please read more here: http://www.certifiedassets.com/inv/news/121311-13rd-a-blog-post/

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