Sunday, June 3, 2007

Dendreon (DNDN)

The Dendreon (DNDN) Saga gets more interesting by the day. Two so called cancer experts are finding out that actions can have unexpected consequences: Cancer Experts Threatened After Opposing Drug. You can't make this stuff up. There's no other way to put this but in very blunt colloquial terms -a political shit-storm is developing over Provenge. Sorry for the profanity. A massive protest rally is slated to happen in Washington tomorrow and ABC World News w/Charles Gibson is going to do a piece Monday night on the FDA's decision to block Provenge pending years more of tests.

One other note. A nincompoop on the Yahoo! Dendreon message board put together a spoof press release that DNDN reached a partnership agreement with Genentech (DNA). The problem: the spoof PR looks too real! People are thinking there is a deal, BUT AS OF NOW THERE IS NO, NADA, EL-ZILCHO DEAL BETWEEN DNA AND DNDN!!!! The release on the Yahoo! message board is a complete fabrication.

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