Tuesday, June 12, 2007

The Options Screener

My Options Screener picked up a variety of interesting options volume situations. As always, this information is for informational purposes and is not a recommendation to buy either options, or the underlying stocks.

Automatic Data (ADP) - very intriguing. Nearly 5,000 June 42.5 calls traded vs open interest of 642 with just three days to go before expiration. More than 6,000 June 45s traded vs open interest of 749. Only 100 June puts traded.

10,000 Alpha Natural Resources (ANR) September 17.5s traded and more than 12,000 September 20s traded vs very little put volume across the entire put side of the chain.

Everyone loves Apple (AAPL) with many folks taking a stab at the July 150's. Even with 3 days to go before expiration, June 130's were active with volume of over 18,000 contracts with a bid of .05 and an offer of .10. While bullish speculators are willing to chase AAPL call strikes $30 above present levels, put players were willing to only go $5 below with the 115 puts being active in June and July.

Bell Canada (BCE) takeover speculation continues to heat up. This news from late yesterday got a bunch of folks lathered up: UPDATE - Onex joins consortium mulling BCE bid.

Crocs (CROX) calls remain a crowd pleaser. My screener only picked up the heavy June activity in the 90 and 95 call strikes, but over 2,400 June 100 calls traded as well! July call buying went all the way to the $110 strike and there was some nibbling of the September 125 calls as well.

Taser (TASR) has also become a darling again and its calls were active as earnings approach.

Delta (DAL) December 17.5 calls saw only 8 trades, but two of them accounted for 65,000 contracts hitting the offer.

UAUA and CAL options were also active.

ICICI Bank Ltd. (IBN) active on takeover chatter, so to Seagate (STX).

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