Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Options Screener

Tuesday activity...

Aircastle LTD (AYR) popped up on the Screener today. No news with heavy call volume both in the July 30 and 35 strikes - simply overwhelming open interest. There was no put volume. We'll see if there's some follow through Wednesday, or if this was some type of hedging strategy.
Bear Stearns (BSC) call options volume was especially strong on talk that BSC could be acquired for 2x book value, or around $180 a share. That goes in the "analysts who smoke funny cigarettes" file. It really is nice that financial stories can be almost as funny as something that Groucho Marx could have dreamed up. 2x book value? How does one assess book value when assets may be mispriced?
A great bonus Groucho line, "I can see you and I married. I can see you bending over the stove. I can't see the stove!"

Elan (ELN) calls were active on recurring takeover talk. How many rumor mill stocks have been taken out this year? Not many to my recollection. TXU, SLM come to mind, but most of the real deals come like a thief in the night. Takeover talk not withstanding, ELN has had a nice run.

Hoku Scientific (HOKU) was a $4 stock not long ago. Now it's $12 as the solar power play wins contracts left and right.

Mirant (MIR) still trying to sell itself and often pops on to the Screener.

Reynolds (RAI) was up in anticipation of the patent ruling, which did go its way. We'll see if they out of the money calls hit paydirt on Wednesday.

Tiffany (TIF) - again July 55s active on buyout speculation. Is Lee Scott going to buy them to add a new level of offerings to Walmart.com while at the same time instantly boosting the average income metric of the Wal Mart shopper 14-fold? Will you be greeted by blue smock wearing attendants at TIF who can also be called on to use a meat slicer? Have you seen the jewelry counter lately at a Super Wal Mart - they must be sweating it out at TIF. Only kidding. LVMH has been the rumored suitor of TIF.

Amazon (AMZN) - pre split, the thing must be trading at about $500? The usual give and take activity with bulls betting to the moon with calls.
As usual, above info presented for informational purposes... not a recommendation to trade.

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