Sunday, June 10, 2007

A Quick Reminder

This is a freebie blog. Why the haters come here to call me a liar about my trades and demand more information from a FREE site, I'll never know. They need to get some class and a life. As I disclosed more than a week ago throught the spreadsheet many requested, my options trading is going quite well, thank you. And if I choose ot brag about a victory, that's my choice on this free, take it or leave site. The spreadsheet showed the bad trades, but ultimately what really matters is that there have been many more good trades than bad ones and that the approach that I take means that a bad trade is not going to destroy my portfolios, anyway.

I am not here to make this a live trading site and dispense free trading advice and hand holding from buy-point to sell-point. The many folks who are smart enough, appreciate that my blog is loaded with information that a thinking person can use to formulate his/her own trading ideas by connecting the dots and doing some additional due diligence.

Sadly, there are the few who are greedy, frustrated by their stark limitations and are looking for free trading handouts (the haters). It just won't happen here for regulatory, logistical and economic reasons.

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