Monday, June 11, 2007

Strictly Anecdotal

I needed a fix of what has to be the best ribs place this side of Chicago, Laney's in Manchester, VT. On the way up early Saturday evening for dinner, we were surprised at how quiet the highway was. Then, when we arrived at Laney's at around 8 p.m., the restaurant wasn't the usual jammed place that it is on Saturday night. Following day, we were amazed at how dead things were at the outlets in Manchester, and even at Vermont's ultimate tourist trap - The Vermont Country Store in Weston; the place was super quiet. Perhaps we're in the no man's land of the final few weeks before school lets out for the summer, but generally the destinations that we visited this past weekend are usually very busy from spring right through to fall. And to top it off, the Sunday evening drive on the NY Thurway from Albany to downstate NY was a 70 to 75 mile cruise all the way - no traffic jams. Was it just the timing of an early June weekend, or are high gasoline prices and shutdown of the housing ATM starting to make a noticeable impact?

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