Monday, May 7, 2007

My In Home Bowling Alley

Ever since visiting the Vanderbilt Mansion about 25 years ago on the other side of the Hudson and having the chance to use the mansion's bowling alley, I've always wanted a bowling alley in my own home. Quite frankly, it was an aspiration that I thought would never be fulfilled, until this past weekend. I finally have my own regulation bowling lane at home and it only cost about $250 and 20 minutes to install. Even more fascinating, is that I was able to install this full length bowling alley in my family room. What's more, I was able to teach two of my children to throw the ball correctly - something I for some reason couldn't teach them at a public bowling alley. These are interesting times in which we live. While much of the world is ablaze with tension and downright suffering, I am able to install a bowling alley in my own house and have a heck of a great time with it. I even strained my right arm from bowling so many frames. What I speak of is the Ninentendo Wii bowling game that came with the Wii that I just by luck happened to be able to purchase at Toys R Us yesterday. The Wii, a very scarce item in stores these days, is a fascinating little device that includes a wand like remote control that can be almost anything the software allows: bowling ball, tennis racket, baseball bat, etc. I'm not much for computer games, but I was surprised by the authenticity of the bowling game (I had been an avid bowler when I was younger). I almost can't believe that the Wii can generate such an experience from software to replicate bowling - sound effects and all. The thing actually gives you a good workout, because you really have to go through the actual motions that you would go through if you were flinging a real ball down the lane. Maybe I've been out of the loop, and at the risk of seeming like George Bush Sr., who was amazed by checkout register scanners during the 1992 Presidential campaign, Wii is simply an amazing product.

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