Monday, May 7, 2007

I Laughed At First

Judge orders shoplifters to wear 'I'm a thief' signs at WAL-MART...

The nincompoop above was sentened to standing in front of a Wal Mart (WMT) with the sign that's pictured for shoplifting. I thought it was amusing at first, but then wondered if the judge isn't the bigger nincompoop. As a former store owner, I couldn't help but to wonder if WMT gets preferential justice. In other words, would a smaller store owner in 'Bama' also get to have his shoplifter paraded out in front? I doubt it. And I doubt most shop owners would want to have such a spectacle occur outside their doors.

Just another reason for me to stay away from a low brow joint like Wal Mart - although I do pay for the junk that I buy there when I need punish myself with a visit to retail hell for light bulbs or Brillo.

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