Monday, May 7, 2007

A Hearty Welcome Aboard to Shammara Hussain

I’m very pleased to announce that California based analyst and investor relations professional Shammara Hussain is coming on board The Kingsland Report as a Guest Blogger. Shammara operates Ema's Market Blog and is also a contributor to Seeking Alpha. Her securities analysis and market insights are excellent and will compliment this site. Shammara will be contributing content to the Kingsland Report in weekend posts covering a variety of market subject.


Daniel Brockman said...

"Shammara Hussain: Hussain worked in 2007 at Market Street Partners, an investor-relations consulting firm that did work for Google. Hussain was sued by the SEC on Jan. 10 and hasn’t been criminally charged with wrongdoing. The SEC said Hussain tipped Khan about Google’s earnings. She lives in Fremont, California." -- reported by Bloomberg, Mar 4 2011

JimK said...

It would be interesting to get a timeline. She suddenly stopped being a contributor in August of that year, also shut her own blog and was never heard from again by this blog.