Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Meg Whitman

Consider the $170, or so million dollars she spent to try buy the Governor's  mansion in California a mere ding to her net worth.  Forbes estimated her fortune to be in the range of about $1.4 bln earlier this year. So what's a mere almost $200 million? Let's just say she won't be needing to eat Kraft Mac and Cheese for dinner any time soon (unless she really likes the stuff).

With a population of around 36 million, the former eBay CEO spent the equivalent of about $5 person in California.  If only registered voters in the state are factored (17 million), Whitman spent $10 to woo their votes. She actually captured only about 2.6 million actual votes (as of early Wednesday), or 41% of the total, meaning each of those votes theoretically cost $65. LOL. Lesson learned: Money not only can't buy you love, but it also can't buy you the California governor's mansion.
Whitman, it's said, out spent her winning opponent - Jerry Brown - by a factor of nearly 10 to 1. But to be fair, outside groups spent heavily in support of Brown.

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