Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Market Volatility

Today is why I favor physical holding of metals, not paper trading. Best to buy your gold or silver, lock it up somewhere, take it out every so often to admire its looks and then lock it back up. No worries. Far better than looking at a red trading screen. Today's action is why I smile politely at the ETF players while thinking they're playing with fire. I am at stage in life where winning a debate on financial matters is no longer important. Paper trading is as much an illusion as thinking the dollar is sound, hard money. lol.
Did you know that the GLD ETF has a NAV in the record low 97% range? That means it is going to have to buy a ton, or 200 of gold. What shinanigans. 

When you own your own metals (whether in coin or bullion form) you own it and you can be assured that in this environment it's going to go higher.  What? Some will say that no one knows future outcomes. That's a load of bull cookies. One can know the outcome of the direction of metals; it's baked into over 2500 years of history. Gold has always been there and always shall be there. Outcomes are known in many ways. To say one can't know the future of metals is like saying the outcome of putting one's hand on a burning stove flame is unknowable. Yet we all know for sure the hand will be burned. Drive a car at 100 mph into a solid brick wall? The outcome is assuredly blunt force trauma to internal organs. Well, you get the picture. I feel the doubters on metals are fooling themselves - deep down they know the ultimate outcome of this ongoing and unfolding story.

Today's intraday downdraft is due to a change in the silver margin requirement at the CME from $5k to $6500. Further reason to buy imo. For each dollar uptick in the price of silver, JP Morgan and HSBC, the silver short henchmen and RICO suit recipients, lose a few billion dollars. So the best thing to do is a little scare to bring the price down. What next? criminalization of owning metals? confiscation? Keep your seat belts fastened.

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