Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Options Trading Expert Larry McMillan Pulls No Punches

One of the first emails I open up each morning is Larry's Daily Volume Alerts.

He had a few especially noteworthy comments:

"The Fed's action once again prompted a huge rally. It's always been axiomatic that one shouldn't fight the Fed, and it's DOUBLY true for this Fed. THIS Fed has a real nasty streak -- for shorts. The result is effectively a rigged market. Usually, such artificial means of supporting the market eventually cause some problems down the line, but that doesn't seem likely until the Fed runs out of "bullets" -- and that won't happen soon."

He's sees a very short term "fade the Dow" approach:

A "Fade The Dow" sell signal is in effect. We are not going to officially play this signal today, but if you wish to, then sell a Dec DJ futures contract. Cover it if the Dow closes down on Wednesday; otherwise, cover it on Thrusday's close.

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