Monday, September 10, 2007

Options Screener

Some interesting options plays during the Monday session.
I'm trynig out a new formula of quickly identifying what's going on with a new "condition" box. "Higher IV" means rising volatility and my screener chooses options where implied volatility has gone above historic 30 day volatility. "Volume" means unusual pick up in volume.
As always, this information is for educational and observational purposes and does not represent a recommendation to buy or sell anything.
The most daring of the plays was accumulation in the Nymex (NMX) Sept 145 on renewed chatter about a potential NYSE (NYX) takeover... all rumor mill stuff, but embraced by certain folks in the options market.
The put screener also picked up on the above normal volume in VIX puts, but filtered out the bull spread trades in VIX calls involving the Sept 25 and 30 calls because volume while heavy, didn't get by my filter. There was also fairly heavy volume up to the Sept 40 strike.

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