Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tuesday 9/11/07 Morning Market Buzz

Stock index futures catch a morning bid.

-Bernanke to speak in Berlin at 11 a.m. NY time.
-Will next Tuesday meeting be contentious? Market mixed trying to read Fed tea leaves.
-Is another bailout on the way for Countrywide (CFC)? NY Post report raising eyebrows.
-Thestreet.com reports TXU Buyout Might Short Out.
-McDonald's sales rise in August
-DJ DATA SNAP:US July Trade Gap Dn Slightly Despite High Oil
-This could be interesting: The McGraw-Hill Companies to Present at Goldman Sachs ... MHC the parent of increasingly infamous ratings agency Standard and Poor's.
-Flex Results Should Boost ImClone

FOREX-Dollar nears record low vs euro ahead of Bernanke

Commercial Paper - Awaiting talks between the Bank of England and participants in the asset backed commercial paper market on Wednesday to try to break the log jam.

Many still pound that table about strong global growth and how it will support the U.S. Last week, however, we saw contraction in Japanese GDP. This morning: EU Cuts Growth Outlook, Says Turmoil Has Raised Risks (Update2).

Natural gas up again today by more than 1%: Rebels attack oil, natural gas pipelines in Mexico.

What will the OPECers decide to do? OPEC considers modest oil output rise. No token output rise, likely sends crude to test all time highs.

News out of China:
-China stocks drop... a 4-1/2 slump largely due to fresh inflation data:
-China says consumer inflation at 6.5 per cent in August. Yes, that would mean a 10 year high for inflation in China. No doubt the People's Bank will be raising rates again. Goldman Sachs things twice more this year.
-China Trade surplus rebounds in Aug.

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