Monday, March 5, 2007

The New Century (NEW) Ride Was "SHORT" and Profitable

But I've decided to get off... disciplined approach always works best... and I more than tripled my money there so I've dumped the NEW MAY 12-1/2 puts. Time to "put" money to work elsewhere. Interestingly, only a few hundred of the May 12-1/2's have traded on open interest of over 8k as the crowd waits for further downside. A triple is good enough for me in the space of a few trading days.

EDIT... I had the MAY 12-1/2, not the March as I originally posted.


Mike Truong said...

I did the same thing. Sold all my mar15 for roughly 9x gain. sold my may10 and 12.50 for about 4x gain. Thank you for helping me get on this gravy train. I owed you a dinner anywhere you want. (If you are ever in the LA area) :P


Jim K said...

LOL! congrats. mmmmmmm, gravy.

Lauriston said...

Jim K

Excellent and congrats. you deserve "something small" for your excellent coverage of this area and its attendant crooks, er... officials.