Friday, March 30, 2007

Morning Market Comment

It's all well and good that my Dendreon (DNDN) call position is going to skyrocket today (I have the April 7-1/2s), the real victory is for the victims of prostate cancer who will soon have another treatment option available.

Indymac (NDE) has been going to great lengths to say all is well in its ALT-A lending world even touting recent purchases of shares by insiders. BOFA is not buying it - affirming its SELL rating this morning. Bank of America says keep an eye on NDE's current delinquencies.

The usual suspects are defending Dell (DELL) shares this morning... Pru, Citigroup saying to continue buying the stock. Cowen is Neutral wondering if Dell's historic margins were lower than stated...hmmm. Think reiterated its Sell.

Stock futures point to modest opening gains ahead of economic data (see last night's "Curtain Raiser" for the low down). One notably absent rising group in the market yesterday - the chips again as the SOX underperformed as cracks in the chip world continue to appear (eg warning from RF Micro, or insider sales by MU just in the last few days).

Speaking chips - Intel providing details on its next family of chips.

Credibility is not in the dictionary at H&R Block-head: H&R Block remains in talks to sell Option One unit

Some like it cold, some like it hot, some do not like a crude rally 9 days old! WTI holding above $66 on Iran tensions and the headlines this morning aren't looking too good.

This is something to keep in mind: U.S. may impose sanctions on China

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