Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Pre Diner Musings

I'm headed out to the diner with my wife for brunch or something.

But a few notes...

Anticipation is building for Apple's (AAPL) Leopard. Will it be released as early as March 24th, or along side the release of Adobe CS3? Looprumors adds fuel to the speculative fires.

STFL reiterates a SELL today on Accredited. The firm says that unless secondary market conditions improve LEND's new and expensive funding gives it another 3 to 6 months.

FDIC says subprime woes to affect bank earns Ya think? And just imagine if the FDIC chieftess told us what she really knows! Incidentally, Reuters also noted that the execs of troubled New Century have declined to testify at Senator Dodd's subprime hearing tomorrow in Washington.

Bill Fleckenstein's web site features a note from a subsciber (worth the $125 a year) who says prices for special lumber for fine furniture have fallen through the floor boards, always a pre-recession indicator in that individuals business. Says Fleck's subscriber, "We usually enter recession 5-6 months ahead of the rest of the economy. IT'S HERE! Prices for green and finished lumber are falling at a faster rate than at any time since 1974".

In checking out plain old lumber futures, I see there are signs of trouble... already near a triple bottom point of pain and bear in mind the 2001 swoon in the economy was not even led by a housing slump, yet lumber still sold off hard:

But hey, the consensus says the economy is still good so sorry to have wasted your time with that chart.

Off to counter act my cholesterol meds with some good diner food!

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