Tuesday, March 6, 2007

More Weak Economic Data

Nothing surprising here, though nothing earth shattering:

U.S. Jan. factory orders fall 5.6% vs. -4.5% expected
U.S. Jan. factory shipments fall 1.2%
U.S. Jan. factory inventories fall 0.2%
U.S. Jan. core capital equipment orders fall 6.3%
U.S. Jan. durable-goods orders down 8.7%, revised from -7.8%

U.S. Jan. pending home sales fall 4.1%

1 comment:

Mike Truong said...

The bulls doesn't have much t rally around other than oversold condition. The rally is only 45 minutes old and looking pretty tired. Almost any uptick is met with selling. Let's see if the bulls can hold it to the close today. Gave me a chance to play some ATM DIA mar puts.