Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Limited Posting Today

I've been working on implementation of a live quote monitor and putting the special code into Google whatever this is called, is not an easy task.

I'm also in the process of moving over to a Typepad based blogger and will be moving the whole thing over to jimkingsland.com soon; so I've been taking the time out today to do some prep work with that including getting my present ISP to release my URL. Nothing is ever easy with this stuff.

We've got a technical rebound underway. While breadth has been bullish, volume is light. More later.


jim r said...


looks like the yen is strengthening here. it would be very interesting if we get a complete reversal of the yens weakness tonite/tomorrow and see its resulting effects on equities.

Jim K said...

we'll see. i don't know how long Yen will be a gauge for U.S. stocks, though. it is interesting for now.