Sunday, March 4, 2007

Apple (AAPL) More Options Charges Likely

The San Jose Mercury News has some good reading about the on going probe of options back dating at Apple - good because it outlines the specific triggers for prosecution. Of course, the key questions remains unknown: Who will get slapped with charges? Will it be the underlings, or does it go right to the top?

The Apple bulls would have us believe the underlings are to blame and portray Jobs as an innocent bystander, in fact cleared by the all knowing company (where's my Elmo laugh sound effect?). The bears tell us Jobs' fingerprints are everywhere and that along with knowing how many rolls of toilet paper are in the janitor's closet, he also has an exact count of the hairs on each Apple employee's head. The truth is somewhere in between. One way or another someone will be booked.

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