Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Inflation Nation

The folks who are preaching that we have deflation must be living in a hole. Sure we've got housing deflation, t.v.price deflation, but have the deflationistas gone to the supermarket, or opened their utility bill? The wholesale prices of commodities that  are channeled into the products we buy, or the energy we burn have risen by a tremendous amount. This excellent chart shows it.
Unlike the policy wonks in Washington who either have not darkened the doors of a supermarket in ages, or filled a gas tank in years -- Yes, the cost of living is going up, up, up at an unnaturally quick pace.

What I find especially egregious, is that the Consumer Price Index (CPI) is also on this chart, showing a modest gain of 1.1% Whoa you've got to be kidding me. The government is massaging numbers to keep the CPI low so it doesn't have to give seniors and disabled people a raise from Social Security. Yes I realize the Social Security fund is broke,but the government is unable to fess up to any truthfulness about the reality of prices which as CBS anchor  Katie Couric would put it are hitting the "great unwashed masses".

This chart comes from Casey Research. Thanks CR, you've saved the time and trouble of gleaning this information  and then having to turn it into an Excel chart.

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