Thursday, October 14, 2010

Google $Goog

The market has gone gaga for Google once again. The stock roared ahead by over $50 from the day's lows on a surprisingly strong earnings report. Sorry, I didn't play it, or blog it though I did consider it. Who really knew what was going to happen? I guess I am too risk averse to deploy hard won gains into something whose outcome was well shrouded. I avoid investing in big IFs. Yes, some good bullish strategies were outlined on the web, but all were predicated on the gamble of upside surprise - a huge IF prior to the release of the actual numbers.Winners today had lady luck (which is nice) on their side but didn't possess any special foreknowledge or skill. Today's Goggle guessing is leading to riches (super peachy), but one bad guess and it can be curtains. If you missed the Google train today because you follow a certain discipline, there will be other opportunities soon enough - don't get hung up on "shoulda, woulda, coulda".

One little consolation: Goggle will bring in a rising tide tomorrow that will float many other boats, unless Bernanke says something bad.

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