Thursday, September 13, 2012

My Brief Take on the High Post Labor Day Gasoline Price

Sorry to my Obama fan readers. But this needs to be said. The high price of gasoline is just the oil industry's way at settling some scores with Obama. How convenient that prices go UP before the election this time? Just bad timing, or planned? The higher prices shall be worth some near term pain, if it can get that guy out of the White House. No one forced the big O to waste so much money on green, or to act as he did with the XL pipeline, or to put the Middle East region in a state of greater tension because he favors the "brotherhood". I could go on and on. Sure, Brent has remained persistently high, but that's just one factor. The recent fizzled storm that shut in some Gulf production is a tiny factor and is over emphasized by the financial press. Sorry to politicize gasoline, but I see this move as more than just a coincidence in an election year. If these prices don't miraculously soon come down, this high profile pocketbook issue might very well tip the scales to Romney who needs all the help he can get.

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