Sunday, September 23, 2012

Developing: More Gold Bars Found w/Tungsten

CNN video here is an eye opener.  Easy solution for the average person is to acquire rare gold coins with about an ounce of gold (too little for counterfeiters to deal with). From Fort Knox to the Treasury to Comex Warehouses, or whomever -- all needs to be audited and confirmed as real gold bars. Imagine the thought of the GLD ETF not having nearly the gold it is supposed to have because of tungsten bars.

I would be on guard for a gold take down attempt. So far the press has latched on the coverage of gold bars known an PAMP gold bars.

This is another big weekend development in news surrounding gold.

Last week the NY Post broke the story about a single fake bar. Now more are popping up. This is nothing new... Tungsten Genesis

Consider this as well...

How to use Ultrasound test -

From a commentator on Zero Hedge:
The only cost effective material for creating an insert would be tungsten (W) as it has close to the same density as gold (Au). However, the speed of sound in W is~5000 m/s whereas in Au it is ~3000 m/s (a significant difference). I'd be quite confident that ultrasound would detect this.

Materials other than W would be easy to detect by measuring & weighing the bar (density would be wrong). Uranium is detectably less? dense by speed of sound like W. Plutonium is denser but more expensive than Au."

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