Monday, September 24, 2012

Have a Computer and Phone? Easily Buy Gold Plated Tungsten Products

You'll have to cough up a little extra for the call to China, but going to the website is essentially free of charge (aside from your monthly internet bill).

Here's the site:

Surely, none of my readers would go to that site and purchase gold plated materials and pass them off as real, gold items. Perish the thought!

Again, this brings to mind some serious doubts about what is really out there in terms of physical supply, especially the bars held by ETFs like GLD, Give it some time, the GLD ETF will be a reminder to all that they never held any gold to begin with through GLD. This may not happen tomorrow - to wit, I am no advising people dump GLD tomorrow, but it clearly behooves the GLD holder to think about the ramifications of putting too many GLD eggs into one basket.

While I realize many hold GLD because they cannot hold physical gold in their retirement accounts, the recent attention this topic has received should make GLD holders consider the merits of buying physical gold and silver and to stay away from the paper GLD product which may be backed by a lot more Tungsten than gold.

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