Monday, August 13, 2007

Dow Slips 3

In my CNBC options report today, I covered the less than enthusiastic options speculation in the XLF: Options Report: Traders Still Cautious On Financial Sector. There was never any great head of steam in the XLF today, up about 3/4% and then a late day reversal.

I also talked to a variety of interesting folks to throw this story on the interest rate outlook together:

Quick Fed Rate Cut Appears Less Likely. Paul Kasriel of Northern Trust was especially thought provoking. One of the things left on the cutting room floor is that when the Fed does start to head off a recession by cutting rates, Kasriel believes the Fed will immediately be behind the curve.

One of the best interviews of the day today on CNBC (imho) - a combo of Mickey Siebert and Mike Metz: Yep, about 100 years of Wall Street experience and wisdom combined.

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