Sunday, April 22, 2012

Is Earth Moving South?

Amazing what's on the web. This is thought provoking... also good fodder for an SEO test. Thanks!

BTW, I am not in the Mayan believing Dec 21 camp. I am also not in the camp who believes you need to live 675 feet above present sea level anytime soon because the oceans are about to go nuts. Seeds and provisions have a better chance of being useful should the financial system collapse in the near term, though I am of the opinion that there are still several months to 18 months to go before the fiat money system breaks under its own weight. Why is everyone in such a rush to see society fall apart, as flawed, evil and sick as it is? I can understanding the desire to see the bad guys lose, but that sort of outcome, me guesses, will come at a considerable cost measured in tens of thousands of gallons of spilled blood. My guess is also that post collapse is not going to be a walk in the park for a while - to say the least. End games are coalescing as more people (but far from enough) wake up to injustices, but this has been decades in the making - much longer than expected by folks looking for the end.

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