Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Apple – Where to Next? Gold Manipulation; Things Calm in Spain – for Now

My brief commentary on Apple. The 50 day moving average at about $560 could be self fulfilling prophecy in the making. That’s where I will jump in long, IF I can get a price in that area, though my final decision will rest with what short term momentum indicators are telling me should the price reach the 50 day. Fundamentals have not changed for Apple thus far. If fundamentals were to... Read more here... http://www.certifiedassets.com/inv/news/apple-where-to-nex-gold-manipulation-things-calm-in-spain-for-now/

From 10 to 11 TODAY we will be doing a commercial free pilot test run of Gold and Silver radio at: http://www.live365.com/stations/wrcr?site=pro from 10 to 11 Eastern time. Scott Travers, Coin Collector's Survival Manual author, will join me. The Show will be sponsored starting next week by Certified  Assets Management and the Delaware Depository starting next week.  This live show will be repackaged and put on the web.  The radio station venue is mainly being used as a studio and the goal is to attract a worldwide audience on the web.

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