Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Gold/Stock Market Disconnect; Greece; 2012 Asset Performance… The Winner So Far is……

  • In my best Porky Pig voice, “oh my, they are so powerful.” That’s my response to the latest takedown in in the price of gold which came on the day of the largest liquidity injection to date by the European monetary authorities. We all know gold was down as much as $100 an ounce in late post COMEX trading on Wednesday evening, $100 bucks an ounce, or 5%. That would be equal to a Dow drop of over 600 points (and I know the Dow and gold are two different animals, but it is a way of using size and scope to describe the size of the gold move on Wednesday). Plus, the Dow and gold have been beneficiaries of .... PLEASE READ MORE:

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