Thursday, December 9, 2010

Another Stock Market BUY signal?

I continue to be fairly bullish on Wall Street for reasons that I hate (mainly the QE effect). One day this trade isn't going to work so well, but for now the stock market is getting goosed. Copper has been a good corollary of late to the stock market's upside. Tonight Copper, at $4.12 a pound (around a record) is UP again.
Of course, you must remember, this QE effect is not for you the average reader. This is to prolong the illusion that it's business as usual, even as stock fund investors have been yanking money out of the market for over two years -- to say nothing of the recent massive insider selling. Still, chances (imho) are better than even that we could see further upside stock market activity (some call it a Santa rally, others call it early January effect).
Wild card: If the rout in continues on the long end of the bond market, all bets for Santa to Wall St are off. Monitor carefully.   


stock futures tips said...

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Anonymous said...

JIm, what is a good way to monitor the long end of the bond market, and what would be the "line in sand" that would push the market off the cliff?

JimK said...

Anon. I have no idea. It should have gone over a cliff already, but QE has distorted everything.